Thursday 9 November 2006

Adopt a monster this Christmas...

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? Look no further than Daphne's brilliant and funny Puppychick Shop where you can adopt one or more of the brood of monsters that were abandoned on her doorstep recently (not a sad story, a good story).

I like SHEEN shown on the left here, apparently he is 32cm tall and l
ikes hiding under jumpers. Judging by his expression he is a nervous little chap, could it be the trauma of sharing a basket with scarier monsters from an early age? He probably likes it best if those jumpers are under the bed.

Ha ha, since I draughted this, Daphne has added this post about the little critters in her home, such great pics of them, especially BLUSH and EEK. Plus her Greek holiday Flickr pics are worth a look too as she has added more.

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