Wednesday, 1 November 2006

Autumn leaves

I wish I understood why Blogger reduces some images and not others, like this hydrangea, I made it 10cm wide like I always do but it imported it tiny, even though all my setting are exactly the same as always. Then I have to stretch it and it goes all crappy and pixely. Hrrrmph.

Today has been a beautiful crispy sunny autumn day, no rain, so the fallen leaves make that nice crunch and rustle when you walk through them. I was sweeping and raking up piles of them for the heap, they really do make wonderful compost. I love raking dry leaves (not so thrilled raking wet ones) and I can never understand the appeal of leaf blowers, which are not huge in the UK but I have noticed them appearing more prominently in the last few years.

I can see they'd be fun for a minute, but then they just seem like another noisy gadget that spoils a beautiful day for the people around you. And so damaging to the environment, come on people, let's all get the rakes out and warm ourselves up in the process. Course, I realise it is often a 'men and their gadgets' thing, but let's face it, they need the excercise too! And before anyone compplains that I have a tiny garden and don't understand what it's like when you have 1000's of leaves, let me assure you I do know - I used to be a voluneer at the Botanic Gardens, and they have more leaves than anyone and more pressure to keep them tidied up, but it's all done by rake and brush.

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