Thursday 23 November 2006

I love antlers

PMT won't let me sleep so I thought I'd post one of my failured Christmas cards cause I still like the image. I'd hoped this would be one of my photographic ones* which would have had a large area of white space on the right with Swedish inspired decorative flourishes drawn on. *the others being, stamped, printed, graphic, textile, collage... you name it, I make it

This was taken in Kiruna but I never realised that I didn't get his feet in the photo, and for me it's just not right with him chopped at the ankle. He smelled amazing, a really rich musky smell that exuded from his hot body in the freezing cold air. Such beautiful animals. Sweden really was like heaven to me, so much of so many things I love.

And speaking of things I love, and in particular antler related things, I LOVE this Paint by Numbers postcard which you can buy at
The Curiosity Shoppe...

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Anonymous said...

VERY cool postcard.

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