Thursday 9 November 2006

Habitat and nutty pie

Ring from Diwali weekend, but doesn't it look Christmassy too.

FYI... Had to pop into town with Mr.P's forgotten keys and he asked me to meet outside Habitat so.... I can inform you they are still in mid revamp, not everything is unpacked or set up, but there are some Xmas baubles. Not the full range but there were a few not on the website, like a tiny pack of clear and WHITE ones - that will be mine!

Looked at the beaded ones I mentioned yesterday, but they didn't have the right feeling for me. No sign of the blue etched glass one yet. Hopefully in next week when I have to go there with my Mum (and my 20% off page from Elle Deco, or maybe it was Living ETC). Note the way I said 'have to'. I don't have to, I choose to, but it could be an ordeal as she gets a bit A.D.D. and it is magnified if you put her in a Christmas shopping situation. Makes for some funny stories afterwards though!

Before I go I must sing the praises of 2 snacks I shouldn't have eaten (cause they have gluten in them. but it was either that or feint from hunger)...

1st up - veggie haggis samosas, 75p from the Baked Potato Shop (Banns) at the top of Cockburn St. (now, naughty people, it's pronounced Co-burn!). It's quite a spicy one, spicier than MacSweens veggie Haggis but still very good for a hunger gap in town.

2nd is the Nutty Rice Pie from Jordan Valley Wholefoods (opposite Festival Theatre). It's got no actual nuts but it is so deliciously nutty tasting. 99p and vegan. Course they do have my all time fave nutty snack there, it's like a giant Sesame Snap but made with pistachios or almonds all stuck in a block with glucose syrup and honey (i think). Oh, so so so good but not great for the skin or the blood sugar.

And they have such a good selection of Baklava in there, my fave foreign pud. My fave UK pud is trifle, with lots of Port and no jelly (jello), unless it's really really good jelly. Hmm, just realised Tiramisu also a very strong contender for fave foreign pud, but Baklava has less things that I'm allergic to etc.


createacraft said...

inspired by you.. I went to Ikea.. and a local multidepartment store.. because we don't have Habitat here.. ( hope to have one soon.. )
I bought some more decorations.. thinking about you..
and yes.. the ring is like a decoration itself..
I love baklava too.. calory-bomb..

Cally said...

Sounds like you went home with some goodies. I hope you get Habitat, it's more expensive than Ikea but feels more special, though I do think some Ikea stuff is so well priced it's very tempting.

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