Sunday 5 November 2006

Garden in November


My prized berry bush.
I have been painting my house white-ish and suddenly my 'pruned back for winter' bush looks all fresh and new because it is against white. My wall is rendered with kind of shell stuff in a pinky colour which I hate. It makes it look like a council house, rather than the house of someone who likes to think of themselves as creative. And as you know, I want it to look like a beach house.

So, until I can afford to get the outside clad in wood, I opted for a very diluted wash of off white just to take the pink edge off it . I've not got anything against people having pink houses, but on this surface and this type of building it's very un-me.

Also looking nice against it's background yesterday was my Scenecio plant, which, bless it, is still living in the bag it was popped into when I moved house almost exactly 3 years ago! One day I will have time and energy to actually finish all the things on my extensive To Do list....

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