Wednesday 1 November 2006

Wedding guests, new friends

French lock

While writing the post about Rosie Brown, I was thinking about another Rosie, who I met at the French Wedding in September, and I realised I never did finish blogging about the wedding guests. One of the nicest aspects of the whole trip was meeting other friends of Carla's, they really were a wonderful bunch of people, all full of personality, talent and great stories.

I initially met some of them the night before the wedding as they were staying in the same hotel (pic below), but as you may remember I had to stay up all night sewing my outfit together, so I couldn't stay and chat for more than 40mins before I started freaking about turning up in rags amongst this stylish group of people (a lot of them are clothes or shoe designers).

I'm so easily intimidated by city folk and creative types. It's silly though, cause they were the nicest bunch of people and we all had such a good time the next day at the wedding and the reception. Some of them stayed a few days after so we met each morning at breakfast outside and had some of the best laughs I've had in the longest time. It felt like being at college again, all carefree and fun and with such humorous creative people.

Best of all, I've stayed in touch with a few and although they live in London and Germany I hope top see them again. Carla always did have good taste in people!


Robin said...

It's so nice to connect with people like you did at the wedding. Glad you enjoyed your self.

Susan Schwake said...

what a nice tale of connections cally. and the photographs are inspired as always!

createacraft said...

I enjoyed you last three much and pictures too..
but wanted to ask.. how can you be inhibited by creative people.. when you are a creative mind yourself =) ?? enjoy your weekend..

Cally said...

Ah Pinar, it's partly my shyness but also I have never excelled at my arts. I'm a passionate dabbler whereas I see others as being skilled, accomplished, talented etc. and feel a bit of a phoney around them.

I'm sure I could do well if I persisted with one area, but I get too excited to try different things and mix my mediums together so I never get to be expert at one thing.

Not that I'm conplaining cause I love being that way... until you put me in a room with 'real' artists and crafts people, then I freeze up.

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