Friday 10 November 2006

Where can I find red & white polka dot bowls?

Ok Edinburgh readers, I need your help.
I'm trying to find red and white polka dot cereal bowls in Edinburgh, any hints? I tried Frasers thinking maybe Cath Kidston may have made some but nope. The Emma Bridgewater stuff has multi colours but not red and white. It's for a Christmas present. China would be best but plastic is ok. Thanks in advance for any tips that will save me spending a whole day trekking through the shops searching. Edunburgh only, can't afford a trip any further.


Gina said...

Copy nand paste these urls-
I'm in the US, but you could try the same search on your amazon uk site - these are results for search terms "red dot bowls" (3pgs)

Ebay US for terms "polka dot bowls" again you may want to try your uk ebay:

Here is a list of some polka dot mixing bowls (might be vintage) first item is a red bowl with white dots for 22us$:

These guys here apparently have a uk site, so you might want to do a local search for it and go from your results, but from the USA website there is a list of colorful tableware (and number 7 down, is a white bowl with big red dots & red trim) for 14$:

No red here, but pink, aqua and green:

Anonymous said...

i've seen plastic red and white polka dot bowls at either of the large international shops - one in ocean terminal and one at the large retail park at meadowbank. they're a bit cheap looking, though.

Anonymous said...

How about you go to a ceramics workshop and make some?
There are a few in Edinburgh... One just opposite Ocean Terminal. And we could meet up for a cup of tea once your done stippling...

Anonymous said...

Can't think of where I might have seen them but try Studio One (and new shop Homer round the corner on William Street), Jonathan Avery and the Studio One kitchen shop in Morningside and Diane Forrester in Stockbridge (also has branch in Leith I think). Debenhams?

I'll keep my eye out.

Cally said...

Thanks for replies folks. I'm afaid mail order is out as I can't afford the postage, otherwise I'd have just got some online.

I like Daphne's suggestion to make some, depending on cost.

Failing that I will try all the usual shops, but my health isn't great so I really can't handle a day of trekking in and out each shop in the hope they may have one, hence my plea for any specific sightings. If time and money are are v. tight I'll get those plastic ones at Meadowbank.

Susan Schwake said...

too, if you are game you could do a papermache bowl -- inside of a bowl you like the shape of already. lots of sealer will allow you to use it for dry goods at least and the cheapest route of all!
i made some a few years ago and we still use them!

Cally said...

Hi Susan, top tip, except you don't know of my paper mache addiction! Once I start I ccan't stop, I love it, ad quickly fill the entire house with shredded paper, moulds, balloons, paint etc.

In normal circumstances this would be my ideal solution, but I am scared that I will get totally distracted from all the other things I have to make (like a 9mmonth late wedding gift, unfinished, and the recipient arrives from Norway on Friday - wahhhh).

But it a good one for maybe considering at the last minute when I won't have the chance to get carried away.

Susan Schwake said...

ah ha! you TOO? it is very addictive and well, have you ever done bracelets? those are fun too... i understand! truly!
and good lucks with the wedding gift - eek!

Cally said...

Hi Susan,
Amazingly, I never have done bracelets, I just love doing bowls and masks so much, and strange headpieces, containers, lights. Feeling the urge right now!

Got the wedding present finished, such a relief, yay.

Anonymous said...

Introduce yourself to Zoe at (Falkirk)

She is lovely and might be able to help. Tell her I dobbed her in!

Cally said...

Thanks Tiel s-k, I've just peeked at her blog, but scared to get sucked in cause it's now nearly 5am. But soon, very soon.

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