Saturday, 12 January 2008

Marcel Wander, white pieces

Lots of white of at Marcel Wanders...

Crochet Chair

Zeppelin light via Stumbleupon.

Art on tiles, Platina White

Sponge Vase for Moooi


heather smith jones said...

Oh my gosh Cally, that crocheted chair is like nothing I've ever seen! I'm breathless!

mansuetude said...

am loving the lamp--the wrapped quality of light, which reminds me of flesh in its most glowing transparency! Love the site it is connected to.

Babelfish said...

Another beautiful post, I love Marcel Wanders' work.

Susan Schwake said...

marcel wanders is wonderful. thanks for the lovely inspiration today!

Topsy Turvy said...

I love your white 'blitz'- great idea!

Tay said...

Oh Cally! what a beautiful blog you have! Thanks so much for your encouraging comment on my turnip blog. I totally understand about saving your energy, by the way. I am doing more looking at blogs than reading them these days myself. All my reading is breast cancer research! If you haven't done, please check out my visual blog, easy on the eyes and more uplifting. It's where I give a peek into my creative process.

cheers for now,

pinkalmond said...

lovely vase!!

Anonymous said...

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