Thursday 31 January 2008

Pale papercuts

Oh dear, I blew it. I'm very disapointed that my health couldn't match my intentions as far as blogging white all month. I only realised on the way to the dentist (94 out of 100, very pleased) that this was the last day of the month and I still have over 100 white pieces to show!

I decided to cram lots of then into one last post, but I see that blogger has a planned 'outage' today so I'll just pop in 3 of my favourite papercut artists and then, if by chance I can squeeze in a few more later it'll be a wee bonus. This post is dedicated to Liz, who I visited on the way back from the dentist. My first proper social contact since early November. We have probably sent each other into a downward M.E. spiral, but it was fun to have a good bitch about incompetent Doctors :0)

Andreas Kocks: Paperworks, detail

His papercuts are very organic and he covers entire walls of gallery spaces with them. Really stunning and best seen in context on his website. Seeing his giant pieces made me want to give up completely (not that I'm making currently), he does brilliantly on a large scale what I do mediocrely (made-up use of that word?) on a smaller scale. Andreas has 3 shows on in Munich just now (visit his site for details) and will be showing at the Chicago Art Fair in April.

Chris Natrop: Into the silver see through (detail) 2006

I've always loved everything Chris does, he is a paper-cutting god as far as I'm concerned, so much intricacy on such a large scale. As with Andreas,
you should visit his site to see them in all their full glory. Chris has always been good at delicacy, creating pieces that totally fill the spaces they inhabit, but which seem light as air. If you are in LA you can see his work until February 16 as part of 'Possible Impossible Dimension: Six Artists on the Brink of Abstraction' at Eagle Rock Arts Center.

Hunter Stabler: Papercut, 2006, originally uploaded by Sokref1

Ok, not white, but his work sits so nicely with the other two. I first saw his work on Flickr and thought it was laser cut. Not so, apparently his pieces are hand drawn and hand cut - respect!


mansuetude said...

these are so delicate--how long it must take to do that!! Why can't white go on, later,.. i love white... i need white, want white, dream white... write it... white white white..white!!!!

heather smith jones said...

January flew by didn't it? These papercuts are so amazing, and intricate, even in these close up images!

Marjojo said...

Oh Cally, I understand perfectly - I now want to give up making paperwork and hide under my duvet, these pieces are just stunning and beautifully obsessive and meaningful.
Glad you made it to the dentist AND visited a friend. Small triumphs in the greater scheme of things, but in your own scheme gigantic. And don't give up showing us your papercuts, small is beautiful too!

Andrea Tachezy said...

Cally, the papercuts are unbelievably beautiful! I like the one from Hunter Stabler most of all. Thank you for them. I wish, I would be able to do such fine things, into my metals and print it then.

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