Wednesday 9 January 2008

Outside, Inside

on the outside...

on the inside (through hazy window)...

On the way back from my Granny in December Mum stopped in Inverary to go to the bank and I finally whipped out the camera for a few minutes. The ventilation grate was a must have for my collection of grate pictures (ha ha, I take grate pictures). The view inside was more surprising, not what I expected to see but truly wonderful in it's way. Something so real about it. It's the kind of photo I feel a little guilty for taking, as if I'm intruding, but I couldn't help myself. No-one noticed, all too busy trying not to slip on the ice.

Much thanks to Kirsty for listing me on her list of 8 Must-read Art Blogs for 2008 (via Dan of Empty Easel). I'm always baffled, embarrassed, and thrilled when anyone I look up to even visits my blog once, so it's really special to have someone like Kirsty rate me in this way. I guess it's not just our Scottish connection, there must be something in the way I rant on incoherently that appeals to some people :0) Mr P says I write like I talk (he was smiling when he said it). See, lots of brackets, I do talk with lots of brackets (lots).

I was planning to post some of her work for my white posts but I've not got my act together yet, so I'll mention now that you can hear Kirsty in all her Scottishness being interviewed by Sister Diane over at CraftyPod. I've so much enjoyed her Diary Project over the last year (though it freaked me that a year had passed) so it was extra nice to actually hear her talk about it and hear her accent, made me feel homesick even though I'm the one living in Scotland and she's living in England. I'm a strange little fish.

I should list 8 must-reads myself, but if you pop by
Kirsty's blog she has a great post about should's and I'm trying not to put any pressure on myself this month in hopes of getting some energy back for the collaboration I have planned (!!!).

Oh dear, 5.46am and still no sleep, the gales are driving the rain so hard against the house the noise is impossible to ignore. The cat is snuggled up sharing the heat of the laptop with me. I hope you all have a great day.

Liz-my mobile's been off for days, will text when it's on again.


karin said...

Hi Cally,
so glad you commented on my blog so I did find yours. And nice that sb. shares our fascination of power lines! The white photos here are very special and beautiful. I start imagine a story while looking at them.
See you :)

Janet said...

Oh, Cally, I love this post. And the photos ~ I know exactly what you mean. What a lovely peek at life though.

(Oh, and the bracket thing ~ I have a problem too!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words, Cally.

Heather Moore said...

I take photos of gates and precast concrete walls, so I get the grate thing.

I love that second pic. There's something awfully brave about it and it's just beautiful too.

Have a happy new year.

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