Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The wheat and dairy free trifle disaster

The 1st photo is another of Miss P's photographs, this time a snowflake (on her jacket I think). I've never managed to get a decent snowflake shot where you can see the perfect flake shape, they are always too small over here but her one is huge! The other 3 shots are my trifle bowl and the top of the actual trifle. Let's just say it looked a whole lot better than it tasted. It's my first attempt at a fully wheat and dairy free trifle and I have to say it was vile. I was hoping to do a triumphant post about my wonderful trifle success, but I think it's worth posting about my failure.

There were no plain wheat free sponge bases so we used a (wheat free) lemon sponge that was so overwhelming that even the Port couldn't compete on taste terms. The dairy free custard was ok, except it was a kind of grey colour, so it look like a massive bird poo. Nobody wants their trifle to look like poo.

Then there was the fake cream. I've had some that are
ok, but this one was, frankly, inedible. I had to scrape it all off. Worst of all, the trifle itself gave me a serious headache which is still raging over 24 hours later. The remains of the trifle will go in the bin. If I'm honest, I think I'd rather have made my nice normal trifle and had the pleasure as well as the allergy, because this thing had no pleasure at all. Lesson learned, and points to me for at least trying it.

For anyone who wants to know the custard was Sainsbury's Freefrom, the cream was Organic Cremovita and the Lemon Cake was also Sainsbury's Freefrom. If the farm shop had been open we'd have used something reliably tasty from the Village Bakery (every they make is extremely good, just like wheat). Not that I am bagging Sainsbo's, a lot of the Freefrom range is great, I'm in awe of the croissants, they are as close to the real thing as I've found so far and they do some really affordable breads, scones and more. But The Village Bakery is organic and really high quality, I love them.

Yesterday's snowfall also marked my first walk in 3 weeks. As you can see from the footprints we were the only ones there and back so I avoided chatty dog walkers that would have tipped me over the edge of exhaustion. It was hard going but felt so good to get fresh air and a view without walls. Lucy was wonderfully well behaved, and her hair has grown back to protect her from the cold.


Anonymous said...

Oh Cally, I'm so sorry that your trifle didn't turn out to be the tasty success that you had hoped. Although I must admit it does actually look rather nice in the pic. It it a bugger (please excuse my language folks)trying to bake tasty stuff when it has to be gluten and/or wheat-free as I've tried it before when the docs thought i had coeliac disease, and nothing tasted right. I wish I could come up with some helpful suggestions but it's difficult, and I'm rather out of touch of what ranges are out there at the mo (you seem really clued up, which I know you have to be). On a happier note, I'm so chuffed that you managed to go on that snowy walk with Lucy. I hope it made you feel somewhat better, if only to clear the mind a bit and to breathe some fresh air. Sorry for my essay! I'm thinking of you lots as always, big hugs and kisses, Miss P xxxx

Ursula Achten said...

Sorry hehee, but that sounds like if you tried to make breadcrumbs out of sand and were astonished they tasted a bit...mmmh...dusty??
I know that! We don't eat meat and in the first time, we told everybody that the "fake" sausages we had, would taste like sausages :))) Big meat-eater-laugther!!

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