Thursday 3 January 2008

Simon Tolfield: Cat Man Do

Simon Tofield: Cat Man Do

I have watched this animation about 20 times in 12 hours and laugh every time. It is how I get woken up most days, apart from the bit at the end. I urge you to watch it, especially if you are a cat owner. Click the image to link to the animation on You Tube or see the original work by English animator Simon Tofield at Tandem Films by looking in the menu for Directors-Simon Tofield-Cat Man Do.

I tried posting the actual youtube video but it was huge and had a big black border, not the pure white I'm after this month. Speaking of which... it's snowing!!! 5 inches so far, I'm ecstatic though a bit heartbroken that I'm not well enough to got out and take photo's. Not that I even had my camera, Mr P took it when he went to England for New Year so no image of the snow laden bush with red berries right outside the window this afternoon, oh, it was gorgeous!

Update: for anyone who knew about my hair dilemma, it is nearly over and I won't have to cut off all my hair. For anyone wonder what on earth I'm talking about, I've been so unwell I've not been able to brush my hair and it had turned into a big dreadlock. I've been gradually and painstakingly untangling it and most of it ok, though
I am struggling with a little at the back that may need cut off, but I can live with that.


deedeen said...

Oh, snow, nice! Here, it hasn't snowed till 3 or 4 weeks, but it's so cold that the snow that had fallen weeks ago is still there, amazing!

Shell said...

I love this little animation - someone posted it on my facebook page a while ago and i laugh myself stupid everytime I see it - my cat did that just thismorning! Ok, it didn't whack me with a big stick but it may as well have.

Sorry to hear about your hair, I hope it's not too distressing for you. I sincerely hope that you are feeling better really soon.

I love the photos from your last post - the ice hotel looks amazing! And I particularly love Tara Donovan - the way she uses everyday mundane objects is mindblowing.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this animation before so I will take a look. So sorry to hear about your hair though. I really hope you don't have to cut any off. Your hair is so beautiful. I'm really glad to hear it's snowing there though. So we are both living in snowy places now! You would love it here Cally, it's so pretty and so many beautiful things to photograph. Special big hugs to you, Miss P xxxx

Cally said...

Miss P
Still having bother with my email but don't have the concentration to sit for ages fixing it. You snowy pictures were such a delight to me, just to see you surrounded by all that pure white loveliness made me happy. Hopefully the snow is bringing in the English speakers so you can get a bit more casual chat during the day. My chat is limited to the cat but right now that suits me just fine. I'm glad I like my own company or I'd be going mad by now.
Will attempt the final and very scary bit of hair this evening I hope, it's the nape of the neck, so hard to get at but easy to hide if I have to cut it, just means pigtail instead of pony tail for a year. xxx

ps. your hair looks so amazing in the snow, you look like snow white.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite you tube clips. Makes me laugh every time, too.

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