Friday 4 January 2008

Mia E Göransson: Ceramics

Mia E Göransson

Mia E Göransson: Bonbonjåren at blås & knåda

Such incredibly delicate work, really evokes the delicacy and strength that can be found in nature.
Nature isn't looking so delicate outside tonight, high wind and rain has drastically reduced the 7 inches of snow that fell out here in the last 24hrs. I never made it out to play, but Mr P took my camera when he walked Lucy so I'll post a few pics tomorrow if I can.

Part of 'All things white and beautiful' as I post a visual snowscape of creativity and observations in shades of white through January.


Annika Sandin said...

Oh my God, so thin! Wonderful photos.

Bibbi said...

Yes, Mia makes amazing pieces, and you make January beautiful!

angela said...

happy new year cally!

mia's work is beautiful. the purity, simplicity and playfulness of it.

thank you for sharing beauty like this.

i hope things are well. i hope things are sweet. and i hope that this year becomes something magical for you!


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