Sunday 19 August 2007

Attempt to save the hedge

It's been a dark day, I need to see bright colour...

Photo's taken in town before K arrived.

In response to your concerns...

We have tried everything we could think of to convince them not to cut the hedge, not least because it is home to so many nesting birds and is an incredible wind and sound barrier. But this is the downside of living in a mobile home, the home is yours, but the land isn't.

When they knocked down the long retro caravan next door we assumed they would build a single home in it's place as it's a small plot. But someone decided that if they got rid of the hedge and pinched some of Mr P's garden they could fit a double home on it (more ground rent money from a double) and they just won't back down.

We are daft to think we can change their minds but in a last desperate attempt we have been out in the rain for 10 hours (!!!) stripping the hedge back to spindly sticks with some green on the top. Our hope is that they will see there is space for the new home to fit but still a little green up top for the birds to nest in. It's extremely unlikely they will even consider it, but at least we will know we did everything we could. Mr P has taken 4 car fulls of hedge bits away and the car seats are now covered in snail slime and spiders. Our bodies are filthy, sore and soaked to the bone. Fingers crossed it will make a difference.

Joy, a few hours have passed since I wrote that and I've been fed, watered and had a bath to ease the muscles. It's so good when you get what you need in life. I will let you know what happens with the hedge on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Hello dear Cally - i am still catching up and have a lot over here to read and see - i hope you are well and had a wonderful time with your friend!!!

Not such good news on this post...very sad and maddening!!
I hope something is sorted out..
Back soon xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Cally, I do sympathise I am passionate about hedges and got really angry a few years ago when a (previous to now) neighbour had a row with his partner and went out to chop down the hedge between our two gardens. It grew back luckily as it wasn't taken out completely and he had put a fence up in the meantime so he couldn't do it again...then he moved anyway.... :o)...Hope you're not too exhausted today after all that work.
Incidentally, as you're not reading blogs so much just now you may not have looked at Alicia's 'p gets c' blog lately and seen the very sad news about poor Audrey.

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