Friday 24 August 2007

Green trunk

Great details on the intense green trunk of this tree. They are so characterful, like the eyes on a chameleon, I kept expecting them to move. The bottom one is like the snout on a mole.

New fence is finished, not the private perfection they promised but it's live-able with. The biggest difference is noise, the hedge was like a huge 5ft deep quilt absorbing sound from every direction. Project plant growth must commence immediately. The cat is very freaked by it all too, all his quiet places, hidey holes, rain shelter, sunny sleeping spots and toilet have all gone and in their place are men with chainsaws. Sorry if this is all a bit dull, I've turned the blog into a bit of a diary to compensate for my increasing and freaky loss of memory.

1 comment:

Nicky Linzey said...

I love these wonderful photos they do look just like the eyes of a chameleon like you say - nothing dull about them!

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