Monday 20 August 2007

Hedge going but path saved

Posie coloured pics in memory of sweet Audrey

Sheila- thanks so much for letting me know the sad news about Audrey which gave me the chance to send my love to Alicia and Andy.

Julie- I've not been blog reading but it sounds like you're home, I couldn't remember when you were returning but I must catch up soon.

Hedge update. They turned up 1st thing this morning (a day early) and have started to cut the hedge. Our hard work was not entirely in vain, it made it clear that it would be practical for them to leave a foot of soil on Mr P's side for planting. And, thanks to some frantic sawing by me (this body is wrecked know) during their lunch break, I was able to convince them to re-align the end of his new fence with my existing fence, thus saving our little shortcut and making a much neater solution for all 3 households. Phew. We have also saved one skinny lone tree from the hedge because it had grown on my side of the fence, so at least one pair of birds can still nest in the top next year.


Camilla said...

I'm glad you've managed to save what you can- now at the risk of sounding like a great big water waster, is there some one who can run you a huge big bath full of hot water and leave you to soak for a few days?

Cally said...

Ah yes Camilla. Im finally back in after more hours of heavy slog and feel entirely justified in going with your suggestion. The good part is, it's only the heating of it that is wasteful because the water itself can get siphoned outside to help scrub the patio which is a now covered in all manner of muck and debris. Now I just need someone to run it for me and make me some food. I forget to eat when I'm in obsessive mode.

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