Monday 27 August 2007

I peeked...

Photo's from dog walk a few weeks ago, beautiful weeds.

I peeked at a few loved blogs yesterday.
I just had to, and as I suspected I got sucked in and lost half a day. It was so nice to catch up on lives and photo's. Anna was (naturally) baking. Always the experimenter she was making grapefruit cake which looked really really good. Also making food was Vanessa, crepes, my mouth was watering and I had to scoff huge quantities of rice cakes. Lisa S was making, or rather selling, letterpress prints based on her gorgeous dreaming bed piece she did for Camilla. It looks SO fantastic letterpressed, the ink is embossed (or maybe it's debossed?) into the paper adding a whole new dimention to work that I already loved beyond words. $45 and you can have your own bit of Lisa on your wall. I wish I had time to visit more of you, but I really need to get more essentials done before justifying the treat of looking.


deedeen said...

I just wish you get well soon, continue to act slowly and carefully, take care!

paula said...

hi there :)
just wanted to say hello ... been busy as well.
love your wonderful images of flowers, the yellows ones on the previous post are lovely.


Susan Schwake said...

lovely flowers below here and the reds above inspire!
hope this finds you a little better today and with your camera in hand.
lovin that lisa s. print too...

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