Thursday 16 August 2007

Sunny day - Cloudy day

The great escape, whizzing away from the rain

Last Friday I think. Mr P was free for a few hours and I was still riding (comparatively) high on the oomph from K's visit that I thought we could maybe take Lucy to the beach. Regular readers will know how I've been desperate to get to a beach for over a year but my damn health has thwarted every attempt. I was so determined to make it this time but within 10mins of getting things ready and collecting Lucy it was clear that I was already knackered and wouldn't manage the Yellowcraigs trip. I was so bummed till I realised we could go to Crammond instead. Yey for Crammond.

Lightened this so you could see her, the clouds were much darker.

Not the long sandy beach of my dreams, but only 25 mins by car and at least it has water and some sand. Heavy rain threatened constantly but as it never actually dropped on us we were able to enjoy the moody skies it brought as it approached. Looking East down the Firth of Forth...

Apparently Lucy likes to drink sea water, eat seaweed and then throw up at L's house the next day so L had asked that we not let her go in the water. I thought it would be difficult (she LOVES water) but there were so many doggy smells all over the beach she seemed very content wandering around snuffling at rocks and grasses while we sat on a log watching the world's maddest spaniel chase gulls through the water non-stop for about 40 minutes. Seriously, it literally did not stop running and when it passed us again later it was still doing it, full speed, soaking wet, happy as can be. It seemed to nicely balance out my own lack of motion.

Funny how things change. I was that spaniel for years, doing everything super fast, bundles of energy. When I went to school I walked so fast that the boys used to make a passing racing car noise as I overtook them- Neeeeeauw. The spaniel wasn't alone, it's owner had another older spaniel as well, he had a dodgy leg and plodded very slowly and carefully around the rocks on the beach. I never realised at the time that the dogs were the before and after of me. But I still have hope that I'll be a mad spaniel again, or something in between. Yes, in between is more sensible.

* just added, low quality 18 second clip of the spaniel!


Auntly H said...

I love that photo of Lucy on the rock! She's queen of the beach (and everything else, I suspect).

Unknown said...

Cally, that video clip is so funny! Looks like he could just run to the end of the earth!!

I do hope you'll be up to speed soon.

Ruth Singer said...

oh, such a shame you didn't make it to Yellowcraig. I was up in North Berwick last week for a wedding and walked almost to Yellowcraig. It was my first time to that stretch of coast and it was magical. Crammond isn't bad for 25 mins away - I know it a bit, and have been rained on there several times!

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