Thursday 2 August 2007

Seed Project 1992 - seed bundle

Seed Project 1992

Melanie, just for you, I had one more photo I took last week when I found the old portfolio. Some time in the future I'm sure I'll stumble on the full collection (there were 100's) and show more.

I remember swooning when I found this because they were held in a net and nets were such a key part of my work at the time. I'm a bit obsessed with nets really, to the annoyance of Mr P who isn't even allowed to throw out the net bags that fruit, onions and garlic come in.

I used to collect old fishing nets washed up on the beach (especially the blue ones) and after a trip to a museum in Germany I became fascinated with the craft of net making. Plus it tied in so nicely with my love of macramé, well, I was a 70's child after all and loved nothing more than going through my granny's macramé magazine's and making hanging plant pot holders. I started making a huge macramé room divider when I first moved to my new house but quickly realised I would need mountain and mountains of string, so I just hung lace panels instead. I still hoard string so maybe one day I'll have enough to make it.

Ok back to work, the floor is still not laid, wah, unforseen problems etc. but fingers crossed there will be progress today.


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I never knew you were enamored of nets - but that is very interesting. I've never tried macramé but I can image creating a full room divider would be quite the task!

*melanie from

Anonymous said...

The seed pods in the netting is absolutely stunning! How wonderful that you know how to make netting and macramé, can't wait to see more of your work.

Susan Schwake said...

your talents continue to inspire and intrigue cally... lovely looking pods. hugs,

Janet said...

Cally ~ you should clean out your closet more often! All of these are fabulous!

paula said...

love the idea of the seed bundles ... I think you are planting seeds in my mind now :)

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