Monday, 13 August 2007

When K came to play - red ferry moments

Still taking this gently but realised I was neglecting the blog so some more pics from our trip to Inchcolm Island last week. The dull wet weather over the last few days has been leaving even the perkiest of people feeling a bit tired but today the sun is shining between the rain bringing much needed light and warmth. I feel a bit desolate about the almost total lack of summery-ness. It's such a key top up to the body and mind that makes getting through winter more bearable. I'm struggling with the realisation that the nights are getting darker and we only had 2 nights where the cloud lifted enough to appreciate the light in July.

It makes me glad I pushed myself during K's visit. I knew it would wipe me out long term, but I saw it as my opportunity to have a few days of 'holiday' even though I was at home and she was the traveller. I did all the things I do for a proper holiday, visit 'places of interest' - Roslin Chapel, Inchcolm Island and Habitat (it had to be done, though no purchases were made). I bought outrageous quantities of different fruits for us to munch on, used non-recycled toilet paper for a few days (wild crazy woman that I am! but oh, it was so comparatively soft I felt like I was in a hotel), I even flushed the toilet after each use - so decadent, though given our water situation I didn't actually feel guilty for a change.

It felt good to live like I wasn't poor for a few days. I'm particularly proud of myself for not breaking the allergy diet during the whole time, even though there were Tunnock's Tea Cakes and a box of Border Dark Chocolate Gingers (biscuits) tempting me daily. If you've never had a Choc Ginger Biccy this review would tempt you to buy, they are incredibly tasty. Instead I treated myself to the oft mentioned Ginger Cake, which is pretty much as good a treat.

I'm still not blog reading, hard to believe isn't it! If any of you have had birthdays, blogiversaries, births or other celebratory events while I've been absent then please accept my good wishes, felicitations, congratulations and any other 'ations' that seem fitting.


Anonymous said...

I love your set of photographs, so lovely to see images of your blue and red ferry trips :) You're so right about the sun being energising and the lack of it draining...hope you get more sun over in your part of the country. You deserve a 'holiday' and a treat, hope it's been refreshing.

paula said...

I love this blue ferry red ferry posts.
do you know if I want to go to lisbon from where I live I usually get the ferry (I call it boat it is more romantic, ah!ah!) and I love it. I love looking out of the window or getting on deck and see the water moving and feel the breeze.

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