Saturday, 18 August 2007

Lumpy Lapin

Katherine, since you liked the bunny, here are the shots that I planned to use for the card to go with them, but never quite got organised enough to do on time.

"Hmm, what's this for?"


My plan for sleep has been thwarted. I have in the rain for hours supervising a huge garden and shed clear-out
because we were informed yesterday that 'the men' are coming on Tuesday to erect a fence in Mr P's garden prior to chopping down his entire hedge!

The hedge was a key main selling point when he bought the house because it was evergreen and gave him a totally private back garden. With the hedge gone the new house being built will look directly into the garden, kitchen and both bedrooms. It will also look into the only private part of my garden and in one side of my house. We are not happy bunnies.

Roses outside an Edinburgh flat

They're also taking away a metre of his garden and erecting the new fence right up against the patio where there is no soil to put any plants in, unless he digs up his patio (which he won't). Worst of all is that we will lose the little secret passage that joins our gardens together. It's possibly the best thing I have ever made and it meant we could nip between gardens in 10 seconds without going out onto the main road and round the corner (we live on different streets but our gardens back onto each other).

I made a cute little fence for it a few years ago and trimmed the hedge to make space for a small path through. It has been a boon, especially when we have friends over as they tend to go back and forth between the two gardens/houses. If the rain stops on Monday I will take a photo to show before they remove it.

Lovely garage door in Edinburgh


Anonymous said...

I'm a sucker for a cute bunny toy, this one is very sweet. Sorry to hear about the building work causing problems.

Anonymous said...

I love your bunny. And your beautiful pictures of Edinburgh are making me homesick – it's where I'm from although I now live in Brooklyn.

Camilla said...

That totally sucks about the building work- is there anything you can do to stop the hedge being chopped down?

Anonymous said...

Your bunny is adorable, love those shots. Sounds like the building work planned is so inconsiderate, so sorry to hear. I'm popping over to Edinburgh next week, hope the weather improves here...

Anonymous said...

I was also wondering if there is anything you can do about the hedge being chopped - it sounds like they are doing it in the most inconvenient way.

*melanie from

sara said...

i love that little bunny sitting in a jar of tea:)

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