Saturday 13 May 2006

Blog card for Kate

sorry about image quality, I've uploaded 4 times in diff. versions but it keep pixellating it - doh

This is a blog card for you based on part of the 'Kate' design that I did on one of the envelopes I sent you on a previous birthday. I had it in all sorts of juicy fruity colours and then I realised, you'd probably hate those and prefer something in black, hope I was right.

I'd have done something more unique but my mouse isn't working right which is a nightmare in photoshop... I have to press the cable into the actual mouse at the correct angle before I click or highlight, can you imagine! It's driving me crazy.

How was your lasagne? Super tasty I bet :0) xxx



beautiful design! lucky Kate.

Unknown said...

so sweet... thank you

problem is you have me addicted to blogging!

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