Sunday 28 May 2006

Less blogging

I've been too tired to blog or even read blogs but I did a little perusing today and here were some things that caught my eye...

Abigail posted about 3robbers
Jessica had things to say about smell that are just so true.
Patty has a great garden blog that just makes me want to stop blogging and start digging

Wah, I had more to say but my computer is definitely dying on me, no response to mouse clicks, sometimes it won't type for 5 mins. What will I do? I can't possibly afford a new one, though I would LOVE a laptop so I could sit in the garden to blog.

I'm sorry not to be posting, or commenting on the great blog reads, especially Alicia, VeniceandVegas and Ulla, I tried in vain to send comments earlier but it just wouldn't respond. Luckily Peggy Lee, June Christy and some Yodel music are keeping me calm.

Enough of this, I'm going to feed a cute cat, water my oriental veg (my mizuna makes me deliriously happy, it is so beautiful AND tasty) and then I'm going to sleep, more, before work. Who knows when my computer will let me post again, hopefully something tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate all your lovely comments and I haven't forgotten about your e-mails either. Take your time away and enjoy not being chained to this medium, it can be addicting and you forget about things like your garden. Your off the wagon for the moment, enjoy it because soon enough the addiction will come back.

nadejda said...

find someone who can fix your computer ;-)

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