Tuesday 9 May 2006

Vegas and Venice

Calling all parents and children, Vegas and Venice has revealed to us (and she was nervous to do it so a big round of applause) her Shy Monsters Colouring story book. I tell you, if I'd had a book like this as a child I might not have needed my special pyjamas to make me feel safe from the dark space under the bed.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you are totally and completely the sweetest person in the whole entire world! Thank you so very much for the mention on your delightful blog. I could not be more honored because truly you post about some wonderful things and well... Im not worthy!!

Hugs hugs hugs Mole Lover!

Yours always truly and fondly, Cat Cuddler!

Cally said...

Hey there Vegas, only too happy to share your goodies with everyone, I love kids books. And speaking of moles, one of my favourites is 'The Little Mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business'.

For anyone reading this, the 'Mole Lover' reference is actually a cat thing, from an email last month when I said that MrP's cat had become a mole as he was black and sleepy and wouldn't open his eyes (he'd had a rough night on teh tiles).

Anonymous said...

Oh ha ha ha funny... yeah sorry about the ML with no explanation. I think I got over excited cause I ussually save that for e-mails! Sorry bout that Cally! I guess it does totally sound weird out of context! Thanks sweetie!

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