Friday 5 May 2006

Ruben - foals

My computer is unwell, I don't know what is wrong, it has just totally slowed and wants to stop so if I suddenly don't post you'll know why.

Maybe it is tired of all the images I keep putting into the hard drive. Or maybe it just craves less craft, less design in favour of the simpler art of sketching, like the drawings of Bettina's son Ruben who drew these foals (not horses) when he was 1yr and 11 months old! More pics here.


Anonymous said...

These are amazing - a prodigy for sure! Wish I had an ounce of his talent! I loved reading his titles too, kids are so clear-minded!

Anonymous said...

So cute. My niece's favorite type of horse is the "Shire foal" which always makes me die laughing (on the inside -- I would never let her see that!).

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