Thursday 18 May 2006

white buttons

Some of my bigger
(thanks to Samantha fo alerting me to that rude typo!) white buttons , I love white. And cream.
I especially love these white teapot and chair cosies by Ruth Cross found at Loop thanks to a link by Holly at Decor8.


lisa solomon said...

oh that chair... divine!
and there's something about a whole lot of white buttons..... :D

Anonymous said...

I assume you meant bigger white buttons, or are they a bugger to use!! :) Just love the chair thou - maybe not with a four year old?!

Cally said...

Thanks Samantha!
Typo corrected as it would be unfair of me to accuse the big buttons of being buggers when it's the little ones that are so fiddly to use!

zelia said...

I love that tea cosy! (the pot and creamer too!)

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