Tuesday 2 May 2006

Happy May - flowers

Happy May!
I meant to post this yesterday, these are some of the flowers that are in my garden just now.

The Camelia at the front is in an old glass bottle with one of my jewellery pieces hanging from it. It can be worn as necklace, brooch or hairpiece... but I like it as flower jewellery, they suit it so much.

The flowers at the back (muscari, hyacinth,euphorbia, bleeding heart and a few others) are in a small white ceramic vase I bought from a little pottery in Harlech, Wales. I love it when potters have really small affordable pieces in plain whites and creams.

Feels weird posting these sunny flowers today because it is freezing cold and cloudy outside. I'm using this blog as a way to keep track of weather and flowering for reference in future since our climate has changed so much that all my old gardening books are completely useless re. when to sew, harvest etc. nowadays.

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Anonymous said...

Oh so pretty! Gorgeous photos, flowers and jewelry. I hope it gets sunny soon! Thanks for brightening my day *smile*

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