Monday 8 May 2006

Computer free weekend

I had a computer free weekend and, apart from this quick post, Monday will be pretty blog free too as I'm heading into Edinburgh for the dentist (just a check-up, hopefully). But I wanted to say a special hello to KATE who is the first of my friends to discover my blog. Ok, I admit I gave her clues, but she lives so far away now (Norway) and we don't see each other much so I wanted her to be able to keep tabs on me. I haven't told anyone (apart from MrP) because I wanted to see how long it would take people to chance upon it, the net being such a small place really. So remember Kate, don't tell anyone we know.

I see from my email that lots of you have posted comments which I haven't had time to look at, but thank you, and I will read them on Monday evening (unless dentist turns nasty) and reply to any that need replies by Tuesday night. Until then here are some snaps of sights I saw on Sunday while doing the shopping, I feel so lucky that my shopping takes me to such nice outdoor places and though it was mostly wet and misty we did get a momentary bright period while we were out buying veg.


kath red said...

hi cally
i am loving reading your blog, so many great links and these images today are simply beautiful

Cally said...

Thanks Kath,
I was just over at SPT and I like keeping up with your Whipup posts, you always find such a huge amount of things I can't keep up. Goodness only knows how you post so much in so many places!

Susan Schwake said...

ah the lure of peeling paint. it is my favorite texture. thank you for the blue. it has inspired my day!

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