Tuesday 9 May 2006

Sebastian Buescher

My trip to the dentist went well, I'm such a suck up, full marks for my teeth and I'm pleased as punch. The sun shone all day so I walked very slowly home, taking pictures of things I love like blossom, shadows and textures, which I'll post later.

My recent jewellery posts have reminded me that my archives are bulging with jewellers that I like BB (before blogging) and have never blogged about. So strange how life Before Blog seems like a distant memory, and anything I haven't blogged about from then, it's like it doesn't exist. So I'm digging around in my archives for old faveourites (and a few new-ish ones) and then finding what they've been making since I last looked so I can share with you.

Sebastian Buescher is someone I spotted last year when I saw one of his 'Pipe' necklaces as shown here. The piece below it is a brooch. He uses natural materials like moth cocoons and bits of termite nest to create his unusual jewellery.

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Sebastian Buescher said...

Hi. Thanks for adding my work to your blog...that's great! I just started my own blog...about my work, my life, my journey. This is the link to it http://lifeinsidethewell.blogspot.com/ . Have a look in case you are interested and perhaps we could link to each other.....if you want...but no pressure.

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