Monday 15 May 2006

The pleasure and guilt of a bargain

It's a really wet day here, cold too, which seems a good excuse to read lots of blogs I've not been able to keep up with. I finally got time to listen to Karin Eriksson on d*s podcast. I just love hearing the voices of these people that I idolise and they always come off sounding so smart and interesting. I would never do a podcast cause I'd be all squirmy and awkward with lots of uhms and errs.

I was laughing a lot reading Alicia's various posts (as I always do). The intro to this one had me in fits and it's predecessor was just funny.
So I've just caught up on this post of hers where she was out thrifting and found great sheets and couldn't believe no-one else had bought them. I could hardly believe it when she casually dropped into the story that the place had aisles AND carts! What kind of super-size Church thrift places do you have in Portland? I've never, ever seen anywhere in Scotland that even has baskets, never mind shopping carts. I am jealous beyond words.

Anyway, I really understood her feeling of finding a stash of perfect stuff that you can't believe no-one else had bought yet. When It happens I get a racing panicky heart and grab at it and am terrified that someone will come and say it's theirs already, or try to take it from me (cat fight in the charity shop, how dignified).

I almost feel like I am stealing, like when I step out the door the door with my purchase a security guard (not that they have any) will grab me and give me a accusing look like "How could you? You know this stuff is worth more than the ticket price, you are practically stealing from the charity and you should be ASHAMED of yourself!

Sometimes the guilt is so bad I jump on a bus and go straight home, so they can't take my things away or make me pay more. Am I weird or do others do this?

No photo's today, Blogger isn't uploading just now, so instead you can imagine me with a happy smile when I get a bag of charity shop booty safely into my house and finally breath a sigh of relief as I spread it all out and relish it.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Cally I love this post (but wasn't blogger being annoying!). I am sure many people look at the 'crazy' lady as she snatches things off shelves and racks even thou no one else is even in the vicinity! I have to snatch and hold them to my chest while I slow my breathing down! Then I go home and gloat before panicking about where I'm going to put all this stuff.. :)

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