Wednesday 20 June 2007

Anne Griffiths

A very aquatic looking paper and textiles piece by Anne Griffiths found here and available to buy as a postcard. I never seem to get arty postcards anymore, now that we all have email, but I still send some, when I'm organised enough to correspond.

I'm hoping to make it to the Degree Show in Edinburgh and pick up some cards by new makers... but it depends on how lovely Lucy is doing. We've had torrential rain, it's even flooded the bypass, so walking her with her sore paw is a bit of a trial. I've been doing make-shift waterproof bandaging until she gets to the vet, I did the final layer with black electrical tape - now she looks like Mistress Lucy, bondage pooch!


Ursula Achten said...

A wonderful peace!!!!
Blue is one of the bestest colours!!!!

and my answer is on my blog, because I didn't find your mail-adress!
A wet hug!

Anonymous said...

lol on 'bondage pooch' :)
Hey, if you like arty postcards I can send you some (it would be easy for me since we are both in the UK).

Cally said...

Blue is brilliant. I've replied back on your blog.

Great, I can send you some from the Edinburgh degree show. A mini UK card swap. It's so long since i did a swap cause I can't make anything and I can't buy any treats, but free postcards, i can definitely send you free postcards. I'll contact you with my address.

Anonymous said...

If you send me your address by email, I'll stick something in the post for you.

Anonymous said...

Gah, just realised that you probably don't have my email, it's:

kirstyhall at blueyonder dot co dot uk

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