Sunday, 24 June 2007

Simple things

Picked by the bus stop 2 weeks ago (click to enlarge)

I think the bottom one is from a snowberry bush. When I was a kid we had a huge snowberry bush in the garden. I used to love popping the berries with the tip of my shoes. Tapping it just enough to pop it without having to squash it. You could hear the pop. You could feel the pop. Very satisfying. A bit like if you are hitting a tennis ball and sometimes it hits the mesh in a way where you can tell it's just perfect, direct on, no friction. It has a particular boing that feels really good.

BTW- Sebastian is selling 7 rings on his site.


Marjojo said...

Simple things - yes, aaah. Esp. nowadays, in my old life I was often rushing too much to notice them. Wouldn't have dreamt of sniffing bushes then.
I too remember those snowberries fondly, Knallerbsen we called them as kids, which literally translates as pop-peas. Don't even know their proper name.
Just watched the vertical dance you posted - beautiful, almost made me cry.
Wishing you more crampfree nights!

Cally said...

Pop-peas, what a great name for them. I've always liked the detail of things, but it means so much more when you're life has limitations doesn't it.

You'll be pleased to know I got some sleep last night. Exhaustion eventually wins the day and means I can sleep through cramps at some point. I can't be bothered with hormones and bad weather at the same time. More rain today.

Janet said...

Cally ~ These are so lovely. I have been away and so missed seeing your blog for a couple weeks. What a delicious treat to get caught up and see so much beauty.

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