Wednesday 20 June 2007

Edinburgh Degree Show + Sebastian Buescher

I made it!
I made it to the degree show and though I got pretty overheated (hot lights, bad ventilation) it was well worth it as there were some lovely things to see. I didn't manage a full visit but managed to squeeze some

As always the main people/pieces catching my attention were in jewellery, illustration and textiles. I have been/will be in touch with some of them for images to blog here soon. Many of them will be appearing at New Designers in London so some of you still have a chance to see the work up close.
Jewellery, Textiles & Ceramics will be there for Part 1 from 5-8th July, Illustration is in Part 2 from 12-15th July.

Naturally I can't leave you with nothing to look at so this is the perfect opportunity for some more intriguing work by Sebastian Buescher.
I posted about his work last May so he emailed recently to say he's now got his own blog Life Inside The Well, and a mighty fine blog it is too.

Sebastian Buescher, Rings: untitled 2006
copper, resin

Sebastian Buescher, Brooch: Untitled 2007
ceramic, coral, silver, plastic, agate, galvanised steel

He has the gift of discussing things which I would love to blog on but get too irrate about, like how jewellery is shown/sold and how makers are treated in many UK galleries (one of the biggest reasons I stopped exhibiting/selling). He hits the nail on the head when he talks about the recent news story on electromagnetic radiation (or in my words, fry your brain for the sake of neatness). But back to his work, these are all pieces from his updated page on Klimt02...

Sebastian Buescher, Brooch: The Widow Maker 2007
ceramic, black widow spider egg cases, silver, poison, cork

And finally, do you remember me talking about how I like to make jewellery (and other things) from rabbit and sheep droppings? I assured you it was nicer than you might think. So I was pleased to see Sebastion also has 'crap' jewellery, see his brilliantly titled neckpiece 'Holy Shit' from 2006.


Laurie said...

LOVE the coral and nails brooch!
Thank you for your kind thoughts about the shingles/phn. How many times have shingles flared up on you? My husband has had them twice! I feel like we (he, you, and I) are pretty young to be having shingles! I got chicken pox at 21, so maybe that's a factor? How about you?

Cally said...

Hi Laurie
His work is gorgeous isn't it, so unique and such high quality.

Re.PHN, mine flares constantly, hence no more full time work, bah. The Shingles, well, I've had it twice now, and once had Parvo Virus (the human version) which felt very similar as it was flaring up the PHN at the same time and brought on similar exhaustion etc.

Like you, I always thought it was older people that got shingles but these days I've met a lot of folk in their 20's and 30's who've had it. I got chicken pox when I was about 8 and I was 32 when I got shingles 1st time.

Maybe it's a symptom of modern diets and stresses that are bringing the age down? Pollution? Who knows. I was having a horrendous time at work when it happened, working 18 hour days and trying to stop my incompetent managers from firing all the good people. I know if that hadn't been going on all would have been fine.And when I got it this time it was one month after being made redundant, so again, a stressful time.

The strangest thing is that I get PHN type flare ups in places where I didn't have the original shingles, like round my shoulder blades. Do you get that too? Others I've talked to have said the same, which makes me think there is a lot more going on, but Doctors just don't have the time or interest to find out what it is.

Anyway, I hope your stressful day of lateness doesn't set yours off again. Hope things calm down a little and that your weekend has less guilt attached.

Anonymous said...

OH my goodness!!!! They are all wonderful! I am so glad you felt well and attended! Yipppee! Oh, soo funny about the crap jewelry!!! Kisses!! xxo, V

Anonymous said...

so many interesting posts, but none caught my attention as much as talking about shitty jewelry!! :) Not sure if my mind could get over the matter to wear it - shallow of me I know.

Ursula Achten said...

Thanks for this post, relly great jewellery, puts a smile to my face!
And thanks for the link to his blog, there's a lot to read!!
I love the "Holy shit"!

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