Wednesday 13 June 2007

Pale & interesting

Necklace by Jorge Manilla at Klimt02

Ceramic lungs ashtray by
Finding Cheska

As I was focussing on white things I thought I'd check Justine Smith's site to see what she was making these days. You'll probably all remember her lovely cut paper butterfly work from a few years ago. I hadn't realised she'd switched to using money to make paper sculptures dealing with issues like power and corruption.and these include intricate and beautiful flowers like this one...

Specimen 2 (Poppy) detail Chinese bank notes, 2005

Spotted, via Poppytalk, the gorgeous new ceramics of Jasna Sokolovic...

Jasna Sokolovic "It is time for a change" 2007

She also has ceramic jewellery on her new ETSY shop, She makes so many things I'd like to own like this wall tile duo, and this and this
I really want one of the tiles in her online shop...

Jasna Sokolovic "Leave it all behind" 14x14cm

Given that my title is pale and interesting it's ironic that my skin, which is usually very pale, is now a too brown. Oops, perhaps I went a little heavy on my first application of the year of fake tan. That said, it's the skin friendly one that the lovely Miss P gave me and it looks great on my arms and legs. I should have diluted it with moisuriser for my face. On the positive side it makes my teeth look incredibly white!

I've been getting really down about not being able to walk Lucy properly. Poor dog, she has to go so slowly beside me, though she perks up when I find her good sticks. But things are looking up for her. MrP bought a new bike last week and I was getting all miz cause I haven't been well enough to ride mine for 2 years.

Then it dawned on me, for where I need to take her I actually wouldn't need to do much pedalling at all, it's pretty flat. So out came the quite squashed and rusty bike. MrP did some tyre fixing and I took the pliers to the squished bits and voila, working bike. It's akward while she is on the lead, but once she's off it I can cycle, gently, far further and faster than I could ever hope to walk (and makes it way easier to avoid the chatty folk that drain my energy).

11 may-12 june 5649


christine ann haynes said...

Oh yay! Bike riding! Good for you!

On the other hand, don't feel to bad for lucy. Slow walks are good. Charlie gets slow walks. Can she run around the house if she wanted to? If so, I would recommend something that Charlie finds awfully fun and requires no energy on our parts. Laser beam chasing. Charlie loves to chase the light from those cheap little pet toys.

He always gets slow walks and then when he gets home he completely spaz's out anyway!

Lucy, is very lucky though. Bike rides. yay!

I am working on a return e-mail. I made a mess of our house and I am trying to clean it (and my mailbox) up at the same time. Sorry it is taking me so long!

You are always in my heart and in my thoughts. Hugs.

P.S. oooh those are some lovely things. I like the lung ashtray. beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love the ceramic tiles by Jasna, they are so beautiful! The works by the other artists are great too, very delicate and quiet.

I'm glad you are able to do some cycling, it'll help you with some exercise and getting around better. Be well! X

Feltbug said...

Lungs and bikes - great stuff :)

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