Saturday 16 June 2007

Rain and deep breaths

The honeysuckle next door is so orange & yellow (no scent though)

I woke up this morning and took a nice deep breath.

Doesn't sound like anything very spectacular, but it's 2 months since I was last able to take a full breath into my lungs, they've only been letting me take in about 1/3 of a normal breath. So I'm pretty excited about this, it means I can talk a bit longer and a bit louder without getting so wiped out. It also means I can start controlling pain again, I'm pretty reliant on good breathing for that, and without it I've been having to take a lot more painkillers. I hate taking painkillers.

The rain continues to fall here in Scotland, will it ever stop? Today, as yesterday, it is bourne on the back of a cold North wind. Mr P said my cheap plastic greenhouse was semi tipped over in the night. What happened to June? This is clearly April. I feel so sorry for my parents, they are opening their garden for charity tomorrow and all the flowers have been drenched in heavy rain all week. I suppose it's a blessing that it is only the plants that are suffering, in England they are having a lot of severe floods and have to keep rescuing people. Poor souls. I think it's partly this sort of thing that is finally making this country take global warming seriously, the previous attitude was that it was great if it meant hot summers.

I won't be posting tomorrow, I'll probably be deadheading flowers in the rain. Hope you have a dry Sunday to enjoy your gardens or local parks, or even just having some sun shine in through your window making nice shadows across the room, that's the bit I always like.


Anonymous said...

Cally, so glad that you are taking deep breaths, hope you get better soon. Isn't it mad that we're getting heavy rain in June? I am still waiting for summer to arrive...

Susan Schwake said...

that is wonderful news! breathing is everything. i am sorry to hear your showers continue there. it is unseasonable, and after an extremely wet may here we are (holding MY breath) having sunshine in abundance. sending some off to you my dear.

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