Monday 25 June 2007

Edinburgh Degree Show - Jewellery 2007

As promised some work from the Jewellery & Silversmithing Degree Show 2007, here are some that caught my eye. I was going to write a bit of blurb about each person but they mostly have websites so you can link straight to them to find out more. If you are in London between ...

Amy McColl: Rings

Amy McColl: Neckpiece (detail)
You can contact Amy by email- amy dot mccoll at hotmail dot co dot uk
(Amy, I've written it that way so you don't get automated spam).

Cecilia Stamp: Brooch

Cecilia Stamp: Brooch

Cecilia Stamp: Neckpiece

Hayley Mardon: Anthive (detail)

Helga Mogensen: 'Bob' ring

There were others who's work I wanted to show but I didn't manage to get permission or pictures in time for posting this, particularly Caroline Holt's 'Stranded' neckpiece and pretty much everything made by Claire McGill who's site shows much of her Fingerprint work though the photo's don't do justice to the colour and detail of the pieces in real life.

I've definitely missed out some good work, there were a lot of great pieces there but due to the heat I didn't get round them all properly, especially the ones in the raised area but you can get another chance to see these and more at New Designers next month. They will be showing at stand J16 5-8th July.


christine ann haynes said...

Oh my! These are so beautiful! I just can't keep up with you even on my best days, but I love to see all the beautiful things that you find! Thanks for the sewing best wishes! Hugs sweetie!

Susan Schwake said...

cally, these postinga are making me wish i was near to have seen all this lovely lovely work! thank you for bring it closer to me... love those pins!

Anonymous said...

Some really wonderful work! I love seeing new, young designers, so inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Everything look so beautiful and unique, so creative and inspiring, thank you!

julie said...

beautiful unique and full of inspiration!!

Anonymous said...

Oooo, I just love those rings with imbedded nature... I am so glad you got to see portions of the show. Laura Darling's work is wonderful! You always share the best creations. If I want to stay aware, I visit you, for great sharing! xxxoooo

Cally you are one sweet & special chickadee!

cindy said...

oh i love celia stamps brooches. thank you for showing all these lovelies.

Ursula Achten said...

Helga Mogensen is great!!!
Not only the ring! And I love the
Amy McColl Rings!

Emma said...

I'm really enjoying browsing through your blog. I went to the degree show in Edingburgh last weekend and enjoyed looking at many of the same things that you did - in fact I think we must have very similar tastes judging by your favourite films and music!

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