Monday 25 June 2007

Kirsty Hall - Diary Project

Kirsty Hall: Diary Project, 2007 via her Flickr site

I have a confession to make, I really really struggle to read blogs done in Livejournal. I think it's something about the layout and all that text, it freaks my eyes out the same way as a page of HTML does, hence my very short career dip into web design in the late 90's. For the record I also struggle with pale text on dark pages. Love it on a one off graphic but find it incredibly hard to read on-screen.

Kirsty Hall: Diary Project, 2007 via her Flickr site

The result of this is that I only skim some blogs occasionally, ones which I'm sure I'd spend longer in otherwise, like Kirsty's blog Fragiletender. Whenever I'm there she always has post that get me thinking, but I can't linger long cause my eyes get sore. Because of that I had never noticed the link to her Flickr site which is full of her art which I love, and her Diary Project blog (also here on Flickr), which will fill the gap left when Lisa S finished her Drawing a Day project last year. Plus it's not in Livejournal, so I can look for longer without my eyes jumping out their sockets and hiding in a cool dark place where no-one can bother them.

Kirsty Hall: Diary Project, 2007 via her Flickr site

And Kirsty, after all that I still forgot to email you my address, which was what I was popping to your site to say for in the 1st place. I'll do it tomorrow. For now, sleep, if it's possible to sleep through more rain (the joys of living in a mobile home).

PS My post on the Degree is coming soon, just waiting on a few last images and being in the right frame of mind to get all the links correct, I keep muddling them all up while my hormones are bouncing around.


Unknown said...

yes, i agree about all that text! makes me want to go visit some other amazing VISUAL blog immediately. :) thanks so much for the post on my blog today!! so great. i'll keep checking back and posting on yours, so you'll have continual reminders that i'm out in the blogosphere! good luck with the renovation and all...

Ursula Achten said...

I totally agree with you on the layout of the livejournal page.
And its a deep contrast to the wonderful soft and fragile diary project.
I like it very much.

Camilla said...

thanks for all the comments over on my blog!
I think some of the problems you have with lj (which was my main home for about 4 years) are part of the reason that I decided to set up a separate blog somewhere outside of lj. I wanted to have a blog that I could be oh-so-slightly professional about, whereas lj is just where I write about what I had for tea and catch up on what my friends are doing. However I have made some amazing friends via lj and I don't feel that I have made the same strong connections with people outside of it, but then it's early days for this blog of mine and I never remember to check back in other people's comments to see if they are talking to me, so maybe that's why I spend most of the time thinking i'm talking to myself.

And anytime you feel like sending me your address just go for it! Oh and it would have been cool to see you, but I think I might have been in Brighton that weekend anyway!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cally,

It's great to hear you're up and about--and forgive me for my terrible manners in replying emails! I've been up late nights trying to complete my project, which will hopefully launch this July--I'll keep you posted, but I can't tell you how much it means to me that you always drop by. :)


christine ann haynes said...

Hi lovely girl! I am sorry I have not had much of a chance to stop by lately and tell you how incredibly beautiful your photographs are! Have you thought about selling prints?

I owe you a super long email and a bunch of hugs!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Cally. I'm sorry you find my LJ hard to read. I'll have a look and see if I can find something a little more eye-friendly. Believe it or not, when I first set it up about 4 years ago that was the least nasty LJ layout I could find that fitted my screen at the time! however, since I've not changed it it in all that time and I have a wider monitor now, it's probably well over due for an overhaul so thanks for the nudge.

When my website is finished (hopefully this end of this week), I'm going to be starting a new art blog over there and I promise it'll be a lot cleaner in look.

Fragiletender is my personal blog and was never intended to just be about art but the new blog will have a lot more images and I'll be linking to other artists more often.

julie said...

fantastic link and i also dislike Livejournal sites for the same reason!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Kirsty's drawings, thank goodness she is building a website and a new blog :)

Cally said...

I know exactly what you mean, before LJ there was some REALLY atrocious stuff out there and you went for hte best option at the time.

I can tell from Camilla's links and from what she's said that LJ has a really fantastic community of folks in it, at least 50% of the folk she's shown that I love have been found through LJ.

But my old eyes just can't hack it, so I confess deep joy that you have a new art blog about to start. I hope it will still have your current writing style, I esecially love the way you rant!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cally, the community aspect is what keeps me on LJ. I enjoy reading about the people I've met there, many of whom I know in real life or have since met.

Thanks for the comment on LJ, I meant to reply to it sooner but I've been snowed under this week with trying to finish the website (still not done, groan!) plus we've had a friend staying so I've been busy with that. But I wasn't offended at what you said at all.

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