Thursday 20 April 2006

Anna does collage

Anyone remember the post where Anna claims she can't collage (or was it an email)?
Either way look what I received in the post today...

I love that she made this for me with so many things that make it personal like the ribbon from Plaisir du Chocolat where we had our delicious hot chocolate - oh how I want one now, I'm stuck at home with no food today and too crampy (PMT) to get to the shops.

The whole card is in my favourite colour and as well as my name letterpressed on the card there are little threads on layers of woven tissue and sewn on beads (hard to see in the photo). There's also a print of one of Anna's robins splashing in a puddle in the rain! I'd never seen this before so that made it even more of a treat. And there are little cut out rain drops, I have a thing for cut out raindrops. Which reminds me, I never did post the picture of the teacup/raindrop card I sent Anna on our first swap.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That Anna is one modest genius, no?

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