Wednesday 26 April 2006

My blue things

I was in the mood to look at blue things today after seeing the bird on the previous post. Here is a small selection and I will try to get off my bum and post some more things on Flickr by the end of the week as I've done none for ages.

My special pyjamas from when I was little, the ones that if
you wear them the monsters under the bed can't get you!

Some of my blue buttons
(finally sorting out the spilled drawer tower)

One of my shell screen prints
Pink on turquoise - 1989 or 90

Shell pattern screenprinted stationery detail
(sorry it's out of focus, it's a photo of a photo)
Pale blue on cream - 1989 or 90



you have pretty blues there going on. That screen print is a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Oh darling ML,

How in the goodness gracious am I supposed to keep up with all these lovely things you are posting! I left the house yesterday so I have not had a chance to tell you how pretty all of your blue things are. I love the monster repelling pj's!!

Yours truly,

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