Sunday 9 April 2006

A lovely day

Anna came to Edinburgh today yey.

We walked, we shopped, we ate tasty food and drank tasty drinks. We talked about all the things you'd expect (crafts, blogs etc) and quite a few you wouldn't expect (scary thing behind the furniture, irrational fears, whether or not it's acceptable to paint technology white, fancy flavoured crisps). It was so lovely I was on a real high from it all. She is so sweet, so pretty (great skin and hair!) and her nose is even cuter in real life!

I had such a nice time that I forgot I had to go to work in the evening and instead of going home I stayed in town and met friends (but I did get to work eventually). Thanks Anna for coming all the way here, I just wish we had nicer weather for you. Today there was TORRENTIAL SLEET, sun, clouds, rain, HAIL, more sun, more rain. I missed the hail but am assured there was hail at my house.

So anyway I'm just back from work and VERY tired. Too tired to read blogs, too tired to post pictures but not to tired to say Thanks Anna for a great day. And thanks to anyone who left comments while I was out. I will try and post pictures tomorrow evening but I think I need lots of sleep. And I my not visit other blogs until monday, horrid thought but true.

1 comment:

Susan Schwake said...

sounded like a lovely day! good for you cally... p.s. oh what a pretty orange bird!

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