Thursday 13 April 2006

Anna Peach

I found Anna Peach through Anika Sandin's blog and I'm so glad because it's it the most beautiful work. The piece show here is called 'Seed' and comes from her Coconut Couture collection where she creates incredible lingerie from Hawaii's invasive plant species. Finally, something to wear with my ring.

Here is Anna's artist statement:

Within my sculptures I explore the porous boundary between art and the everyday. I represent the human spirit through a husk of clothing. These husks offer a home for the soul- an island within the larger world. I explore the traditionally gendered realms of sewing, earth and fairytales while investigating the anonymity of labor. I work with discarded material that is imbued with history and experience. These elements are at times the handiwork of the ancestors and become a vessel for their spirit. By connecting the cast away objects of different time and place I erase the cultural and political lines we draw in regards to the ‘other.’ Anna Peach

1 comment:

kath red said...

wow - simply incredible

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