Tuesday 4 April 2006

The power of 3

I think I've mentioned before how 3 is my lucky number. Well it's been happy 3's for me in the last 24 hours. I got a bit overwhelmed by emails and blog comments at the weekend, and so I missed out on my blog reading in order to respond and also visit the blogs of people who had commented, which is something I always like to do.

Anyway, I think I replied to everyone and so the last 24hrs was time to settle down and read my 3 favourite blogs after a very difficult weekend of work (new shifts so I can be free in the week to fix my house etc).

My top 3 blogs are Camilla, Karin and Alicia, all of whom were also my first discoveries in blogland so they really hold a very special place in my heart. Imagine, I could have stumbled on some off-putting ones and never returned. A terrible thought. But I didn't, I stumbled on these and I was hooked.

So with this in mind you can imagine how amazed and thrilled I am that I have been mentioned in ALL THREE !!! Each one was a complete surprise to me, especially Camilla's as it was in a post that I had already looked at, but had gone
on a happy linking trail before reaching that part.

Thank you ladies, your good opinion means so much and now I know why I had a surge of traffic on my site. I feel like someone opening the fridge and finding a family size tiramisu and then, as you guiltily start to eat in front of the TV there is a documentary about the newly discovered incredible health benefits of eating a family size tiramisu in one serving! A very good feeling.

Work below by (in order of discovery) Karin, Camilla and Alicia...

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Anonymous said...

So funny to read this, because it was the number of 3 for me as well. Even funnier is that Camilla was one of them, plus two other Swedish ladies. All this happened at the beginning of 2005 so I have been blogging for a little bit over a year now. I am still amazed over how many nice and interesting people there is out there in the world. Love Flickr too.

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