Saturday 29 April 2006

Green things

I've never been a heels person, I mean really, they are not practical for me as a tree climber, dog walker, gardener type person. I like my flats, and I got sore fee so I like my comfy flats, no thin soles for these pins though I wish it weren't the case. SO I like the look of these 'Intrigue' shoes from My Vegan Shoes cause they seem to have good thick soles but still look summery. Just checked, the pale ones are all sold out but they have dark colours too.

I also found the answer to the problems of friends
turning up in their mud clogged boots and threatening to walk over my inherited white flokati rugs. These eco friendly disposable flip flops.

For Organic undies - Green Knickers.

For 'Royal' biccies that are SO tasty and the most refreshing Organic Lemon drink - Duchy Originals.

By the way, I did a MAMMOTH amount of gardening yesterday, so much so that I am blistered for the second friday in a row from frenzied pruning. I have filled 3 compost bins and have enough piled up to fill another 3 after the bin collection on Monday! I also used some of my nicer prunings to make a little cat deterrent bower for the top of one of my birdhouses. I was worried that the cat could easily climb onto the birdhouse from the shed roof and harass (or eat) my bluebirds (they moved in the very day I put the house back on the wall). But cats hate twigs so here's what I did, it doesn't show here but from the front it's a gentle curve of woven twigs resting above the roof...

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Anonymous said...

I had this comment saved on a digi-post it ever since you made this post:

I love these shoes. Must. Have. Them. You can find them at and will show you the places you can buy them online. So much fun!

I love your cat detterant! Great idea and pretty too. Sorry to hear about the blisters. Today you should pamper yourself for all that hard work!

For some reason I could not get in to blogger to post this comment and then forgot about it! Crazy!

Also somehow i missed a bunch of super super cool stuff! I love it all ... ohh like the keyboard and the tree lamp!
Wonderful stuff!!

Hugs ML!

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