Thursday 13 April 2006

Tomato time

Today I placed this month's order of Organic Plug Plants from Delfland Nursery.

They are great, they do all the tricky stuff with the seedlings like, you know, keeping them ALIVE (I used to have many losses to heat, cold, rain, drought and slugs). Then they slide them out of their little root containers, pop them in plastic bags and that very same day post them in a box to you.

I still marvel that they arrive intact but indeed they do. Last year we ordered over 100 plants and only one plug got squished en route and it still grew on fine. It's all seasonal so there are different things you can order each month and I've just ordered peppers, tomatoes, spring onions (lots) and a couple of strawberries as mine are looking a bit winter weary.

Just after I placed my order I saw this lovely photo on this post at Auntie Cookie to remind me what wonders await when my tomatoes ripen (thanks for the pic you emailed).

Her site also has fun illustrations like this...

She lives in Australia so she's been having summer. Oh I want summer. About an hour ago I heard my fence breaking in the wind. I'm not even going to look, it can wait till morning. I'm in far too tomatoey a mood to be going out in a cold gale. Though I should perhaps think about going to bed as it's 4am. I'm having a posting frenzy after those days off.

* sorry for recent low quality on some pictures. for some reason blogger is scaling them down and I'm manually stretching them back which is never a good thing.

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