Tuesday 4 April 2006


It's a HAPPY BLOGGIVERSARY for another of my favourites this week.
I discovered port2port through Karin's Style Blog and fell immediately in love with her January card which I think is just the most beautiful thing ever, I LOVE white. Unfortunately I didn't realise they were limited edition and by the time I returned from my holiday in Sweden I was too late.

So take my advice, when she makes something you adore grab it immediately. I'm trying to get myself more in a position to do a swap with her but with Spring coming so late this year the house renovation is way behind schedule so I can't get my things out without trashing the place.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Geeze - and you can't keep up with my posts? These are wonderful CAlly! I love this white bird, perhaps she'll do a similar run some day?

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