Monday 17 April 2006

Unexpected break

Well you'll have noticed I've had an unexpected break from the blog this weekend. Thanks to all who commented in my absence. Replies are on the way to anyone who asked questions. Goodness only knows what I've missed on all your blogs in 3 days!

Work was very full on and then I had some cat sitting I hadn't expected and preparation for the arrival of the veg plants on Tues/Wed. Also took a wander to the garden centre for some organic seeds so I can get the spinach, lettuce and oriental salad started now that the sun is shining more regularly.

I have to get back to the salad seeds, pots of compost and various cats but hopefully tomorrow I will FINALLY post pics of Anna's visit, they just need some editing first. Till then here is another piece from the Couture Range at Bodo Sperlien.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate all your kind words and I am happy someone is reading my blog. I hope you like mine as much as I enjoy yours!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a very nice break and I am awfully glad that you are just "taking it easy"!

Looking forward to your return!

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

welcome back! Isn't that the truth, you step away from the computer and when you come back the world has turned and all the blogs renewed!

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