Friday 28 April 2006

Girls and chocolate

Reading the recent meme I thought it was funny how most of us would spend our five bucks on SWEET FOODS, with magazines as a close second. Sweet foods, heaven. It re-highlighted the fact that this blogging, well the arty carafty blogging, is a very female thing. I haven't seen any Male Meme yet. What would they spend their five bucks on? Not italian desserts or French pastries I'm guessing.

All of this reminded me of my foray into making truffles. I'm not good in the kitchen, it's not that I don't try, it's that I'm TOO creative. I always stray from the recipe, or the timings or some other crucial factor because I just have to know what would happen if...

When I was first trying to learn about truffle making I loved because it had all the info about the technical aspects of chocolate making. I also got a bit hooked on the truffle forum* on Jamie Oliver's website. Those women live for truffles! They know everything about them and have so many links it's just frightening.

* Go to the recipe swap page and key in chocolate truffles in the search space.

I made everything with my Organic favourite - Green & Black's chocolate and the truffle recipe on their site was the one that got me started. I think I'll make it a regular christmas thing to try and make them as I like creating many different kinds rather than a batch of just a few kinds. My personal pleasure is anything nutty, I love praline's, but also fruity centres, orange or cherry OH.

This is too much, I have to go and buy choc now. But I'll be good, I'll only buy a tiny bar of G&B dark choc and I'll nibble it with raw ginder - it's my ultimate naughty but healthy combo and the strength of the ginger stops me wolkfing it down too fast.

And so some images... this was my first batch ever, they really were fun to make and each has totally different centres and flavours. By the time I realised the photo was out focus they'd all been eaten!


Anonymous said...

Ooh, you're a wicked woman! But they do look absolutely incredible.

I made truffles some years ago using Delia's recipe and they came out OK, but I wasn't blown away, so I'll have to try these.

I'm afraid dark chocolate and raw ginger sounds like a waste of good chocolate to me. My nemesis is Green & Black's Almond Chocolate. Though I do try to persuade myself that at least the almonds are good for me...


And you've reminded me. I WILL do the me-me, but not just yet because I'm going away for the weekend :)

spiff said...


i only ever made truffles once, for my godma's birthday. i think i ate more than i gave away...and i ended up with the most horrifying stomachache ever. i think i was all of six.

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