Tuesday 13 February 2007

Around Edinburgh

More photo's from last week. LOVE that little car! My original photo had horrible buildings, bad shrubs and crap signage in the background so I replaced it with an image of a gorgeous garage door I took earlier that day...much nicer.

The woman I snapped fast, as it was the only time she stood still. She was clearly freezing (it was very cold) but I loved how she'd come out with different ankle socks on and her mulberry bright coat against the frosty grass.

Last picture is part of my ongoing collection of photo's detailing my mild obsession with old cast iron gutter brackets. I want cast iron gutter brackets. I have white plastic ones, not pretty.

Before I go, just a note to anyone who's emailed or commented- I haven't been able to check any yet (I'm not on my own computer doing this) but hope to check on Thursday one my week of work/life/dog meetings has calmed down a bit. Of course, I may just want to sleep through thursday instead. But I do appreciate your getting in touch and I will read them soon. Ciao for now.


Anonymous said...

so im not the only one who walks around with odd socks...love the car and gutter colours..mmm

it would be be great to open a pod-making factory together :) xx

Anonymous said...

Great car... how I'd love to go for a spin in that little beaut.
see you, g

Anonymous said...

Oooo..the car is fabulous! It would go so well with little girls and boys with little apron tops. :)

Have fun during your extended rest!

Anonymous said...

Wish I owned the car. I think that lady is fab, I love her ability to go out in unmatched socks, my forte. And, the door, lovely.

KELLY said...

hello cally!

i love your photos...those wintery tones are beautiful : )

i have a stalker like obsession with those cars...and i'm really not a car kind of girl but how i dream of owning a figaro...now they're on my radar i keep on seeing them...i thinking they're taunting me!! another japanese delight : )

hope that your week is calming down + not too bad. x

Anonymous said...


Cally said...

Hi gals,
glad you are enjoying the pics, wish we could all take a spin in a cavalcade of those little cars.

I loved your cat on white sunny chair photo, the light is wonderful, we had the same light today but all my photo's were too contrast-y, if you know what I mean. Yours is purrrfect.

I gave up in the end and spent time lying on a sunny patch of bed with a black cat.. they do love the sun after the long dark days.

You're so about those cars, I saw 3 in one day, yet in the past I used to only see one a year. I have a fantasy that I will miraculously win one... not that I ever enter competions.

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