Sunday 4 February 2007

At the mercy of hormones

I laughed when I passed this sign yesterday, with the setting sun lighting it up in red tones.
So appropriate for a girl at the mercy of her hormones (which is why I'm not posting much last few days). The full sign says Danger, field liable to collapse, enter at your own risk.


Anonymous said...

What? Why would the field collapse anyways??? I am the same. Hormone girl. Don't come near me if I am dicing veggies. Hee

Cally said...

Ha Ha Vanessa, hormones and sharp knives, a dangerous combo!

The land around here is honeycombed with old coal mines, hence the sign. Some guy and his dog were walking in a field once and it collapsed beneath them and they died!

Having said that, I have walked Marley in the field where the sign is, it's where everyone walks dogs round here. Hmmm, perhaps not so wise.

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