Thursday 8 February 2007

a little snow, a little sunshine

Oh what a beautiful morning. Although I'd only had 3 hours sleep I had to get up early and take some photo's before the sun melted our thin dusting of snow. More of these to follow but I need to run and walk Marley before visiting a friend I've not seen in ages.

Till then here's another bit of a draft post that I forgot to actually publish...
I'm a sucker for beautifully styled Interiors books, especially the square ones by Ryland Peters & Small, I just love them and have a nice selection I got dirt cheap in Costco over the years. TKMaxx sometimes has pretty great prices on interiors books too, like the red satiny covered 'home is where the heart is?' by Ilse Crawford that I got for £6 last year cause the cover had been messed up.

I was looking through it yesterday when I needed a visual escape from the horrors of my house (it looks like the storm got in there, though it didn't). My eyes fell on the white funeral feast on pages 62-63. The accompanying text is so true...'The love we put into making a meal becomes a part of it and changes it's nature.'


And beside that white feast are some cupcakes from page 66 that would brighten any day. The lovely photography in this book is by Martyn Thompson, d'you think it was him that nibbled that cupcake? Nah, that's bite is too tiny. Martyn also did the photography in another of my coveted books 'The Sensual Home'.

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